Dave Reda — Director / Actor / Producer / Editor / Writer

Dave began his career at a young age in Northern California. His early professional credits include performing at the Gaslighter Theater, Comedy Sportz, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Angels in the Outfield, Cornuts National Commercial, and other national commercials… To compete for larger roles, he moved to Los Angeles where he appeared in Smash TV, Street Smartz, Senseless, Dirt Merchant and on HBO as body double to Luke Perry in Indiscreet. Dave soon began creating his own opportunities by forming the sketch comedy group Click This! where he took up producing and directing in addition to refining his craft, Dave took pitch meetings regarding the show with executive producers at MTV and at VH1. Click This! has won Best Comedy Short at Angel City Film Festival and Hollywood Underground Film Festival and Best New Show on Pasadena Cable Access.

Looking for a new challenge, Dave (a horror movie buff) was very excited at the opportunity to produce, direct, and act for Bit Parts. “It was incredibly hard but now I truly understand the phrase ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times!!’ , says Dave.. ( BIT PARTS is available at Amazon, Netflix, & many other online locals)

Early 2010, Dave decided to try his hand at writing and wrote/directed/starred/produced the critically acclaimed, award winning, horror comedy short film/music video Horror of Our Love: a short film featuring the song by the same name by the band LUDO. “Cant thank LUDO enough for all their inspiration and support for the film, they are the best!!!”, says Dave (A Horror of Our Love: A Short Film went on to win 8 out of the 11 fests it competed in…quite an amazing run…The short is now available on YOUTUBE for YOU to see!! )

Dave has also teamed up with horror novelist Fred Wiehe for the new feature horror film script FRIGHT HOUSE. Dave has also teamed up with writer Craig Mcgee on a new horror script Unholy Ground…These full feature scripts looking for the right financing and are dying to be filmed and out to you!!

2011 Recently Dave has written/directed/produced/ and starred in MY UNDEADLY a NEW zombie horror film, starring lovely and talented Scream Queen Michelle Tomlinson !! This a fresh take on the moldy zombie film and it’s hitting the festival circuit NOW!!


Karl Schweitzer – Actor / Producer

Karl started at an early age performing for family and friends. He took their encouragement to the stage, where he performed in numerous plays and musicals. Playing Martini in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is still his favorite role.

Karl also can be seen in a Steve Young Nike commercial, and alongside Dave Reda on NBC after teaming up to make Bit Parts. Karl was glad to be in on the ground floor in the forming of Elftwin Films, and is looking forward to their many upcoming projects.

Most recently Karl was featured and put all his heart into the award winning, critically acclaimed, horror comedy short film, Horror of Our Love: a short film.

Sarah Gordon Swidron — Actor / Producer / PR

Sarah grew up in the Bay Area, where she became great friends with Dave and then met Tony and Karl (they went to different high schools, but fate knew what it was doing). Their unforgettable personalities and experiences left an indelible mark, and they stayed friends for more than a decade through their love of theater and film.

In L.A., Sarah again found Dave and helped to form award winning sketch comedy show Click This! After the show’s 3 year run, Sarah was excited to then play the lead role of Brenda Martin in BIT PARTS, and also produced.

Sarah says she’ll follow Dave in whatever endeavor he embarks upon because his tenacity and drive are enough to pull the whole universe with him. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will. And he surrounds himself with awesomeness.

For more on said awesomeness, see the other bios…And P.S., Sarah lives in Los Angeles with her fantastic husband, Dan.

Peter Redman – Actor / Makeup / Props / Costume

Pete first met Dave when he hired him during the Halloween season at his costume store when Dave first got in to town and the rest is history. Pete, also a founding member of award winning sketch comedy show Click This!, took on his biggest challenge with the role of Detective Tony Giallo in the film Bit Parts. A jack of ALL trades, Pete has been invaluable to Elftwin Films, he can make you look beautiful, dead or somewhere in between. He even hand crafted the mask used by the monster in the award winning critically acclaimed Horror of Our Love: a short film and also plays the role of Frederick. Dave always says he won’t do a project without Pete because he never let’s me down and never ceases to amaze! Pete also used to be in El Debarge and saw Michael Jackson send one of his boys out to collect five dollars from someone once. His dog can out smoke you.

Stephen Gilbane Stephen Gilbane – Composer

Stephen Gilbane has been composing music for dramatic and comedic situations since 1991, when he joined ImprovBoston, accompanying their improvised scenes on the fly.

He has composed film scores for several short films made under extreme deadline pressure (Juniper Jones & The Briefcase in a 72 Hour Film Festival and Temporary Spy in the Boston 48 Hour Film Festival), as well as for several short documentaries.

Steve has also co-written 4 short musicals, and has workshopped his own full-length musical Showstopper! A high-tech musical. He studied jazz piano with Charlie Banacos and film scoring at Berklee School of Music.

Kate Melia — Actor / Set Designer

A native of Northern California, Kate Melia is the youngest daughter of an aerospace engineer and occupational therapist. Growing up in the newly burgeoning Silicon Valley, Kate began her stage career at an early age, followed by her film debut at age fifteen with Ken Karn’s The Speed of Light. After graduation, Kate left for college in Chicago where she focused on film, acting in numerous student projects and thesis films. When she returned to California she decided to take to the stage once again, focusing this time on Shakespeare. Meanwhile, she attended San Francisco’s A.C.T. and Berkeley Repertory and continued to hone her acting skills. In 2009 she was seen in director Mathew Hysell’s award winning film Marin Blue , which was granted screening at Germany’s prestigious Berlinale Film Festival and she most recently acted in and co-produced the 1930s period piece Whiskey Slide directed by Shawn Flanagan, which is currently on the festival circuit.

Anthony Turino — CTO /Audio & Recording Engineer/Mixer & Sound Designer

Anthony was born and raised in California. Being feature horror film Bit Parts’ sound designer was easy because he is a superhero and kicks all kinds of audio ass.

Nathan Seifert— Camera / Special Effects / Editor / Scuba Instructor

Born in the year of the Rat — 1984, Nathan Seifert, knew that his way of life would contain many layers… From his childhood, Nathan wanted to fly, understand computers, be a musician, play multiple sports, make movies and help his country.
Currently, Nathan is a certified PADI SCUBA Instructor with over 1000 logged dives, he flew Cessna 152-II Skyliners all around the golden state of California, has helped in production of a feature film (along with many other short films and safety videos for top construction companies), built over 30 computers for friends and family, and applied for military service.
Without trying to brag about his accomplishments, Nathan remains verbally quiet of his accomplishments. He remains committed to helping others solve their problems, without much return in his time investments. He tries to live the many dreams his head can offer, but remains realistic of what one man can achieve without going off the deep end. Look for Nathan on the road, he’ll be the one letting you in on the onramp.